According to the U.S. Department of Justice, "Mentors can provide a youth with personal connectedness, supervision and guidance, skills training, career or cultural enrichment opportunities, a knowledge of spirituality and values, a sense of self-worth, and, perhaps most important, goals and hope for the future."                                            (OJJDP 1998, 10)

Our Mission:

Life-skills training to win the battles of life!


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According to the U.S. Dept. of Justice and the Juvenile Justice Commission...


We are always looking for new partners who need our programs and skilled educators and martial artists to volunteer...

Training To Win The Battles of Life!

Life is hard.  Life is especially hard to navigate when you are young and facing roadblocks.  Our youth need help and second chances as they maneuver in a world that offers very little.  At The MMA (Mentoring Martial Arts) Foundation, our mission is to engage and empower youth through training in the martial arts.  Intrinsic to martial arts is the value of discipline and character development.  Profound life lessons are learned and formidable achievements are gained through the practice of martial arts.  Through martial arts, our passion and goal is to mentor children, teen and young adults who are impoverished, despondent, and underprivileged.  Our goal is to reach out to disadvantaged inner-city youth, academically at-risk youth, and other youth who are troubled and considered at risk to high-risk including juveniles abused and neglected in the juvenile justice system; in foster care; with disabilities; incarcerated; and children of incarcerated parents.  The success of The MMA Foundation will be the marked by cultivating in youth a sense of self-esteem, confidence, respect for self and others, and a disposition that sets them on a trajectory towards becoming caring and contributing members of society.

mentoring disadvantaged youth through martial arts and community to win the battles of of life!

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